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Taqueria Hectorito

Taqueria Hectorito
Taqueria Hectorito

Taqueria Hectorito
2753 Cherokee
St Louis, MO 63118
US. Phone: (314)7714049

Cuisine: 38.595639

Price: $15.00

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There is something about authentic Mexican cuisine that gets the taste buds going and lets the appetite run wild. Taqueria Hectorito offers diners warm hospitality and mouth-watering cuisine that will not easily be forgotten. Bring your family and friends, pull up a chair, indulge in a tasty margarita and catch up after a long week at the office. No matter what the occasion calls for or your appetite demands, the friendly staff at Taqueria Hectorito won't let you leave without a smile on your face. The menu features classic favorites and modern adaptations to a culinary tradition that has made Mexico a favorite culinary destination for years.!