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How to Use Coupon Code- - How to Use Coupon Code and get discount? is a conventional Restaurant that tells about fine restaurants and people around the country. You may not be aware of your favorite restaurant even if it is located close to your province. Want to try a fabulous restaurant for a less than affordable price? How about 80% discount with a $25 gift certificate for as little as $2? Which means you swipe your card for just half a price!.

How does it work?
It�s just a couple of steps to follow. Borwse your restaurant at and copy the coupon code, which is displayed in the information page, go to and add to cart, Type your coupon code before completing the order and your done. Take a print of the gift certificate to the restaurant to use.

Take a look at your shopping cart when you are done, and type in the coupon code. Now you are just a click away to grab the discount in your order total. Codes are good for �Dinner of the Month clubs�, gift cards and individual restaurants as well.